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Personality Traits of Successful Law Professionals

Most legal cases are sensitive and complicated. The fate of the involved individuals and companies often depends on the attorney or lawyer. For example, a great lawyer determines whether an injured employee will receive the right compensation or whether a divorced parent will win in a family case. Considering the following personality traits can help clients identify a successful legal professional.

Passion for the Job

The legal field is not easy and definitely not for everyone. According to the American Bar Foundation (ABF), almost a quarter of lawyers leave this field seven years or less after joining it. Besides having a legal degree, people in this profession should love and be passionate about their jobs to succeed. This personality trait makes lawyers happier and more fulfilled and motivates them to perform better.

Compassion for Clients

Successful legal professionals have compassion for their clients. This means that they recognize their problems and genuinely want to assist in solving them. Compassionate advocates also focus on their clients’ emotions and perceive the issue at hand from these individuals’ perspectives, whether they agree with it or not. This trait enables lawyers to anticipate their adversary’s actions and take action that will benefit the client.

Excellent Communication Skills

Successful attorneys openly communicate with their clients, judges, and any other parties involved in the case. They pass different ideas through private conversations, informal emails, face-to-face discussions, and formal legal writing. Excellent communication skills help lawyers network and demonstrate their professional competencies.

Knowledge of Law

A lawyer or attorney should be well-informed in their area of practice. Adequate knowledge helps these professionals to win cases, attract more prospective clients, and improve their reputation. It might come from education or experience.


Creativity helps lawyers and attorneys to find unique solutions to their client’s problems. Their ability to “think outside the box” determines whether they will win or lose the case. Furthermore, creative legal professionals approach all situations with an open mind and understand that they need a unique level of understanding to help the client win.

In conclusion, the primary personality traits that legal professionals require to succeed in their work are creativity, communication skills, legal knowledge, passion, and compassion. Cultivating these skills enables them to understand different legal issues and create effective solutions.

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William Riback is a civil rights attorney who has spent decades specializing in cases regarding equality, human rights, social liberty, and discrimination. He is known for his painstaking care when performing case research, preparing legal papers, arguing matters in court, and negotiating settlements. William Riback has won several large class action lawsuits against companies such as Rent-A-Center. He also donates his time and money to causes such as NAMI-Mercer NJ.

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