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The Best Advice for New Lawyers

So you’ve gotten your JD, passed the Bar Exam, and are ready to practice law. Unfortunately, times have changed from previous years; we’re two years into a worldwide pandemic that’s vastly changed how we view the world. New lawyers must juggle staying healthy while also juggling a global recession and their six-figure debt. Today we’llContinue reading “The Best Advice for New Lawyers”

Personality Traits of Successful Law Professionals

Most legal cases are sensitive and complicated. The fate of the involved individuals and companies often depends on the attorney or lawyer. For example, a great lawyer determines whether an injured employee will receive the right compensation or whether a divorced parent will win in a family case. Considering the following personality traits can helpContinue reading “Personality Traits of Successful Law Professionals”

Choosing the Right Law School for You

So you’re considering going to law school. Congratulations! However, there are several things that you need to consider before submitting your application. The last thing you want to do is apply to a law school, get in, and not be able to go because you didn’t do adequate research. Below are some things that youContinue reading “Choosing the Right Law School for You”

What to Look For in a Lawyer

Businesses need to hire a lawyer to protect them from lawsuits or legal troubles. These lawyers can provide guidance and help ensure that the business operates legally.  When deciding on the right person, they need to create a plan to find one and then qualify the lawyers they are considering based on their professional qualities. Continue reading “What to Look For in a Lawyer”

How Law Firms Can Benefit from Using AI

The use of artificial intelligence is increasing significantly in the legal world. The initial resistance to this technology is quickly fading. Lawyers at all levels are now eagerly embracing it. The data that a law firm can currently utilize run is growing. The proper training and utilization associated with artificial intelligence (AI) can be aContinue reading “How Law Firms Can Benefit from Using AI”

Reasons to Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer

A civil matter might seem simple but become complex during a lawsuit, so it is always good to hire lawyers. They do much than speak in court. Below are the reasons to hire a civil rights lawyer: Prevent self incrimination Civil rights lawyers are aware of things that people say and incriminate themselves. Lawyers coachContinue reading “Reasons to Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer”

What Makes a Great Lawyer?

Legal jargon and representation are not for everyone, so there is much reliance on lawyers. Lawyers, on their part, must continue perfecting their practice. The information below provides insights into what makes a great lawyer. Sound judgment Successful lawyers can deduce information even when it is limited until they draw logical conclusions. They also pickContinue reading “What Makes a Great Lawyer?”

Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Employment Law Attorney

There are people who have been wrongfully terminated from their job. It’s also possible a person is being discriminated against, harassed, or facing a hostile work environment. This is a stressful situation for someone who must figure out a way to fight for their rights. It is a time when an employment law attorney canContinue reading “Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Employment Law Attorney”

What the Future Holds for Digital Law

Technology has become crucial in everyday life. The legal industry is matching up with the pace of making every legal service digital. As a result, digital transformation will transform their legal services in terms of job function and be different in the coming future. Machines will dominate the legal industry depending on its considerable timeContinue reading “What the Future Holds for Digital Law”

The Best Legal Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Law podcasts help legal professionals stay up to date on trends and emerging issues in their industry. The list below saves the time it takes to search for them by listing the best legal podcasts to listen to in 2021.   Lawyer 2 Lawyer This podcast provides information on the recent rulings and discussions thatContinue reading “The Best Legal Podcasts to Listen to in 2021”